The Begining

At the turn of the millennium in 2001, we at World Vision embarked on our mission to transform your wonder of places into the reality of traveling experiences. A cluster of people got together…. people of diverse backgrounds, interests and experiences, with one common meeting ground in their passion to help you to know the unknown, to see the hitherto unseen.

Let there be light

Thus began our exciting journey of configuring meticulous and efficient concepts of travel facilitation that allows you to realise your travel dreams while leaving to us the rigours of making your travels free of confusions, worries and elaborate arrangements. To us travel, entertainment or events are not only about reaching places. They are also about the whole process of uniquely experiencing each moment from venturing out till one is back.

Through our ground-level networking, we delve deeper than the obvious. If you wish to hear local folk music, it’s the musician we know. If you love local foods, the cook is the person you’d like to meet as well. If history fascinates you, we take you beyond cliched guidance. In a kind of way, we do journey with you. Because at any given moment, 24 hours a day, every single day, we will be there by you to tell you everything you need to know, to answer all your questions and to take care of all your problems. This for you, in essence, is Wonder Vision!

Who We Are

We, ourselves, are a bunch of passionate travellers. And our passion reaches out to even those who would love to travel but find their dreams thwarted by the intimidating maze of so-called options. We are professionals and we ensure that promises are kept and, where possible, that expectations are surpassed.

We started from a small office in Kolkata’s business district as World Vision in 2001 and we grew not only in business volume but also in our understanding of the unending diversity of travel needs. Through the years, we moved ahead one step at a time, adding a spectrum of accociations and services that will help us to satisfy you.

We moved to our current spacious offices at 220 BB Ganguly Street in Central Kolkata, so that you might reach us more conveniently and swiftly. In 2011, we changed our name to Wonder Vision, in keeping with the essence of our broader involvements.

What We Do

Understanding your dreams, desires and needs is what we begin with and lay tremendous emphasis on. Once this is complete, we acquaint you with options, alternatives and additions which may not have crossed your mind. This amalgamates your ideas with our suggestions and your travel horizon broadens. From hereon, we begin to take all onerous tasks upon ourselves, meticulously weaving seamless arrangement plans. You relax while we ensure that you will miss nothing that you could possibly enjoy. We, at Wonder Vision, do not believe in arranging everything for you and setting you out on your journey. We virtually travel with you. Our network of offices is always within reach and our personnel are just a phone call away, at any time of the day or night. This is why we say that we travel with you. We are never away from you when you need us.

Social Responsibility

Be it travel, entertainment or events, we don’t just offer and deliver services. It is engrained in the very culture of Wonder Vision that we fulfil your needs and our obligations while we are fully alert and caring of our responsibilities to society at large. To us, responsible tourism is not just a genre. It is a commitment that we are dedicated to. We share matters of ecological priorities, awareness of cultural uniqueness of places that need to be respected and the need to not violate the beautiful results of evolution that we have the privilege to enjoy. We recognise traditions and achievements, we organise Artisan Camps & Craft Tourism and we honoured the Nandaghunti Expedition Team on completion of 50 years of unending endeavour. We have honoured the Folk Culture at Karuja and joined The Junglees, an NGO to protect nature and promote responsible tourism. We are committed to contribute ceaselessly to preserve what you would love to be able to enjoy forever.

World Class World Wide

In the course of our Journey we are learning every day. We realise that how difficult it is to set a uniform service standard. The places, colours and the socio economic structures from Himalayas to Sea, every particle is ever changing and dynamic as the nerves of each single traveller. We believe that the honest attempt towards the guest satisfactions is the unchanged and uniform standard. Your smile is our inspiration.